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Is your website in focus?

Is your website in focus? Drawing the right attention to the right places can dramatically affect your online sales revenue. Strategic design and correct use of visual product photo shoots is sure to bring up your online numbers in 2016.

In this example we use local floral leader The Flower Patch of Utah. In late 2015 months we noticed a higher bounce rate, cart abandonment and lack or clicks to desired seasonal products.

In the floral business, you always have a luster or stock elements and or photos to choice from created by big box. Haven't you ever wondered why when ordering flowers all the sites seem to look the same? Drives me crazy, the need to stand out was at the top of the list in our online battle with the competition.

The challange is having minimal time between seasons and or holidays to capture all the beauty in your in shop designing. The options for stock floral photos limited the expression of true creativity of Flower Patch's floral staff.

Marvelous Media Solutions suggested using actual arrangements from the creative florist team to spice and shake things up. The results of the shoot you ask?

We think the results speak in volumes!

We loved shooting such beautiful arrangements. As the sets changed, it felt like the seasons changed around us... it was like having spring twice this year!

Telling the story of the craft this company has to offer when purchasing floral was powerful!

We thank Flower Patch for letting us share their talents in a digital story. They say a picture is worth a thousand words ;) We sure believe it.

The correct placement and call to actions on your website will indefinitely affect your 2016 revenue bottom line come end of the year.

Featured in the next photo is a live screen shot of the changes we crafted to help Flower Patch show their true colors and give more directed call to actions for on-site shopping customers.


What were the results you ask?

Since we implemented the custom crafted seasonal and holiday items the web sales have increased! The new call to actions have increased page views of desired pages. Numbers are on the rise and so is sale volumes of online year over year.

We want to tell your Digital Story today!!

Contact a digital guru today!


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